As a small, yet ever-growing business, "Noa Sharon Designs" sees high importance in collaborating and working together, as a part of a team.

Such interactions with people, colleague artists, non-profit organization and others may contribute to both parties.
Giving back to the community you live in (locally as well as world wide) has a satisfying and enriching value!
Also, Noa believes it is important to raise the awareness of these great initiatives / organizations and therefore share it all out here on our web page.

Some of the collaborative work we are processing:

Social collaborations with the local community


Supportive Community // Sviva Tomehet

Supportive Community is an exciting non-profit organization in Israel, that I was volunteering in. It acts as a women's business development center.
My main aim is to help small businesses of disadvantage women to establish tools for self-conducting with the internet media in order to develop a sales and marketing meadow for their own art products.
After attending our workshops, women will be able to manage their online shops for making profit.  


Turning The Tables // Hofchot-et-Hayotsrot

Turning the Tables is a social initiative aimed at enabling women who have broken out of the cycle of prostitution the option to create a productive and independent life for themselves. The initiative is located at a fashion design studio, where women experience a learning environment, go through vocational training and, eventually, earn a livelihood. The studio's fashion brand will make a socially significant statement regarding the scope and damage of prostitution and will bring about a change in public perception of women who were sex workers.


*) Turning the Tables are organizing a gala for fund raising to support the initiative.

As part of this evening, there will be a lottery with great prices, and each ticket’s value will support the initiative.

We are donating a voucher to be used in our very own studio!


Out Of The Box organization // Amutat Latset Mehakufsa
In collaboration with the Sunshine foundation, Out Of The Box organization build a special program for the empowerment of young initiative designers. I am currently serve as a lecturer in the course program, and give the designers important lead ideas, tips and guidelines to help their new small business to bloom. 
It gives me a great satisfaction to help other designers with all the knowlege I have accumulated and give them the tools to succeed on their own. 


5 NIS SALE Event // Pa'ama'im Ki Tov 
Proud to take part in this amazing project!
5 (!) NIS SALE event in the south of Israel 
arranged by a non-profit organization paamaimkitov
and the blog 5 Shekel
The organization has 2 second hand shops that give handicapped people a proper place to work and decent salary. The items in the shop are sold in a fair price and encourage reuse and recycle.
My share is a donation of a pair of triangle studs from the geometry collection. What a great opportunity to give back to the community!

* I wish to thank Noga from the Blog 5 Shekel for letting me be part of this :)



Taking part with publicity and donation on behalf of the talented musician Air-Run RainMan Carmeli

Eran is a talented musician (here performing a song about the palestinian refugees, written by Israeli poet Daliya Rabikowitch)- that has been to a real bad car accident and needs to have an expensive surgery. We wish he will get well soon and here is a music festival that all incomes will be for his recovery.

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel and the ten Rape Crisis Centers in the country are the only organizations in Israel dedicated solely to combating sexual violence.

Every year the center organizes an amazing bazar called: Mitlabshot-Al-Ze that sales items from Israeli designers (fashion, jewelry and accesories) - donated by the designers themselves. It is sold with great discount and all income goes to help the call center that gives a true help to those in need.
Every year I donate several items from my collection, and I've been told they are sold out almost immediately! How great is that?!

Haverim Lerfuah
Donation to various people in need for the extra cash to complete the funds for an expensive surgery. 

Yom Ma'asim Tovim
This is a special day, a good deeds day, on March 28. 
Everyone can participate in different events and donation. 
This year I collaborated with an Israeli jeweler and each of us gave few jewels to the patients in the oncology department in Ichilov hospital in Tel-Aviv.
My brand donated several pieces gift-wrapped nicely as a small gesture to make them happy, during Chemo treatment. Wish them all good health.


Social collaborations with the world wide community

Homeward Bound
Homeward Bound focuses on one goal: working hand-in-hand with children and their families to embrace each day with hope, determination and empowerment. We break the multi-generational cycle of families in crisis who aspire to a life of economic independence and safety. Each family receives individual support and a plan that takes them down a path of positive change. Homeward Bound changes lives for today and, more importantly, tomorrow! 
I am proud to take part of the annual fundraising event, by giving a donation of one of my designs.

Co-Founding and managing the "Sustainable Fashion Forum" in Israel

Co-Founding and managing the team of the sustainable fashion forum in Israel.
Cultivating and running the forum activities and strategy together with Illana Leizin & Amos Shtibelman.

World Wide Artists Collaborations



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