Hand Crafted High Quality Unique Designs

The Passion Behind The Matter


" One of the things that especially appealed to me in the field of gold and silver crafting is the fact that it is a very ancient profession.

For the many years this field exists, there is a great variety of tools and techniques which can be used to process the raw material, many different creative styles, and of course a constant expanding of the field into new areas. 

This allows me, as an artist, to continue to learn and widen my knowledge and it resolves my inner craving for learning and research.

My first encounter with the metal is always very moving:
Because each alloy has different physical and chemical qualities, melting temperature, firmness and glow, I must first observe the raw material and study the way the substance acts. 

In order to start processing it I must know when to hit harder with a hammer and when to let go. I must learn which techniques to use with each metal in order to bring to life new dimensions in it. 

Next I observe the finished product, study it, fix and change it if necessary, polish it and smooth it to give it that special final touch.

Then, there is the realization of the self expression through the creative work, which has turned this elementary and original creature into a collection that sticks through the challenges of time and which will give inspiration to those who wear it.

The greatest joy for me in being a metalsmith is the challenge,
and the power to create. "


- Noa

Noa working on the bench