Note that this guide is only a suggestion

Please refer to our FAQ to find out the best way to measure your cuff size

Each person wears their jewelry in unique ways, so the way you wear your bracelet is subjective. Do you prefer to wear your pieces loose? Do you prefer a piece that fits closely around your arm? Have this in mind when you select your perfect size.  

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Cuff Size Measuring Procedure


1. Download this file and make sure you print it on 100%

2. Once printed make sure the scaling is accurate by placing a ruler over the scale (cm) 

3. Using a flexible tailor’s tape or the one on file, measure the circumference of your wrist by fitting it right above the wrist bone (which is below the palm). Please do not use string or any other type of tape.

4. Double check your size by placing an existing cuff on the compatible draw size on the file, and make sure to align your cuff on the inside part with the compatible cuff



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