At Both Ends

Delicate Dangle 14K Solid Gold Thread Earring
Long Minimalist Asymmetric Chain Threader
Simple Boho Pass Through Movement Ear Threads


  • Handmade
  • Length: 16.3 Centimeters; Width: 0.8 Millimeters
  • Materials: Gold
  • Cartilage, Earlobe, Multi Pierced
  • Threader + Posts
  • Modern / Minimalist
  • Can be personalized
  • Recycled


Dainty and delicate hand crafted gold ear threader.

Hanging gently from your earlobe to create long shiny smart movement that sparkles so pretty all day long.

Light weight dangle earring - yet bold and with great presence.

You can choose either the longer asymmetric or the balanced shape: same length for both sides of the chain.

The chain is box style - so it slides smoothly through your earholes.

Simple and minimalist stylish movement modern jewelry.

Boho chic long mismatched earring. It's very versatile and can be worn multiple ways if you have several ear-piercings.

Can be worn in many different styles: you can change the length and wear asymmetrically through the hole with one end longer; Or can be worn multiple ways on several piercings: Looks amazing as a double piercing stud.

Model is wearing the longer asymmetric version of the gold ear thread.

This listing is for ONE long solid gold ear thread. You can order 2 if you wish to get couple of those, with 5% off. For 3 you'll get 10% off!



Since it is hand made - you can customize the length of the chain and/or the stick ends to your choice. Contact for pricing.



100% recycled 14K pure solid gold



Short Symmetric Threader

Total length of 12 cm. Each post at each end of the chain is about 1.5 cm long and 0.8mm thick. The chain itself is 9 cm long and 0.75mm thick, which make it easier to slide through your earhole.

Long Asymmetric Threader

Total length of 16.3 cm. One post is 2.5 cm and the other is 1.5 cm. Both 0.8mm thick. Chain is 0.75mm thick, which make it easier to slide in your earhole.



The earring will be shipped to you in a nicely packaged gift box via registered mail, in a padded envelope.

Express and secured shipping options available at checkout. 


Feel free to reach us with any question you may have.

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